Dating more attractive men

Posted by / 25-Sep-2017 12:58

Dating more attractive men

When you look at how America came about, with its mixing of European stock, you realize that there is nothing genetically wrong with American women.

It’s just the toxic environment that is degrading their genetic value and causing them to perform very poorly on the world dating scene, to the point where American men are eagerly flying to other parts of the world for better value.

They think their day-to-day activities are interesting or noteworthy when the opposite couldn’t be more true.

Independent raters (11 male, 44 female aged 19-25 years) also rated each of the speed dating male's facial photo for dominance on a seven-point scale while another group rated how 'aggressive would this person be if provoked? The results confirmed that men with wider faces were deemed to be more dominant and aggressive.

These men were the ones when speed dating that women would consider for a short-term relationship but not a long-term future.

It makes you look impulsive and unwise, not interesting or sexy.

Reading a hard book will make you more of an individual that getting a colorful tattoo on your arm that a million other girls have.

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There is nothing more boner-killing than a girl with blobs of unnecessary tissue that serve as a visceral reminder of her weak character and laziness.