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a mug of rosie and a doorstep Dope (n): idiot, more playful than eejit On the Doss (v): To be goofing off Dosser (n): layabout, useless Dote (n): a lovely little thing, usually a baby or a nice person Down the Swanie (phr): down the drain Doxie (n): a lady of the night who plies her trade on the docks Drain da snake (phr): have a piss, take a leak Drawers (n): underwear, usually ladies' :-) Dressed to the nines (phr): done up, in your Sunday best Drink Link (n): a bank ATM Drop the hand (phr): gain access to a female's nether regions, go below the belt etc.

Someone you disapprove of can be 'a right old hoor', but you can also have 'not a bad old hoor' ( kind of grudging respect). (phr): Is there anyone good looking/ interesting about? " - typical greeting Hump, the (n): sulking Hunkers, on your (n): crouching down (squatting) I am in me wick (phr): you must be joking! or very bad news Kimberley's (n): local biscuits, used to be made by Jacob's Kip (n): a dump or a dive Kip, to have a (n): short sleep, nap Kisser (n) mouth Knackered (v): very tired Knacker's yard (n): an abattoir Knickers (n): ladies' underwear also Don't get ur knickers in a twist (phr): don't worry yourself Knick-knacking (v): ringing a doorbell and running away Knicks (n) sports shorts Knob (n): penis Knobs (n): breasts Knocked up (v): pregnant Knock someone up (v): call around to someone's house on business Lack (n):girlfriend/sex slave Ladhb (n): awkward looking lad. Layin' a cable (phr) : taking a crap Legger, do a (phr): to abscond from the scene Legging (it) (v): moving at pace!

(in this case, I suppose it could apply to a female as well, but almost always the term 'hoor' is masculine.) In Ireland, at least, 'cute' means 'clever' Cuttie (n): young girl Cutty Knife (n): knife for cutting the bread Da (n): father Dander (n): a leisurely stroll Danny boy (n): twenty pounds in money Deadly (a): very cool Deadner, give a (n): to knee someone in the side of their thigh Dear (adj): expensive Dekko (v): look at, inspect Delph (n): crockery, cups, saucers etc Dense (n): stupid - as dense as bottled shite Desperate (adj): terrible Diabolical (a): really terrible Dickey Dazzler (n): an over dressed man Diddies (n): breasts Dig (n): punch or slap Divil (n): devil DNS (n): the Northside (of Dublin) generally or one of its residents Do a Bunk/Flit (v): sneak off, usually to avoid paying a bill, the rent, etc.

Dodgy (n): suspect/mechanically suspect Dog's Bollocks / Mutt's Nuts / Puppy's Privates (n): the genuine article / the real deal Doing a line (phr): courting, seeing someone Doing (or speaking) 90 to the dozen (v): going (or speaking) very fast Doing the rat race (v): driving through housing estates to avoid the traffic Donkey's Years (n): a long time - 'I haven't seen him in donkey's years' Doorstep (n): a sandwich made with thickly cut bread i.e.

Eat the head off (v): attack verbally Eatin' house (n): restaurant Eccer (n): homework (from exercises) Eejit (n): idiot Effin' and blindin' (n): cursing and swearing Elephants (n): drunk Erection section (n): slow set at a disco F-word (n,a,v, etc.): used freely, mostly for strengthening an adjective. Fart around (v): to fool around Feck (n): used instead of the other F word Fecker (n): used instead of the other F word Fecky the Ninth (n): complete idiot Fib (n): a lie Fierce (a): very; 'twas fierce cold Fifty (n): stood-up (I got a fifty) 50p lifesaver (n): condom Fine thing/fine bit of stuff (n): admiring comment on member of opposite sex Fire away (v): continue, go ahead Fiver (n): 5 pound note Fla/Flah (n): very attractive person Fla/Flah (v): to have sexual intercourse with someone ( From Irish 'Fleadh' meaning party) Flah'ed out (a): exhausted Flahulach (a): flamboyant, also very generous, throwing money around Flagon (n): large 2-litre bottle, usually cider Flaming (a): drunk Flea Rake (n): a comb Flicks (n): movies, pictures Flied Lice (n): rice (in Chinese take-away accent) Flitters (a): tattered and torn Flog (v): sell Flummoxed (a): puzzled Flute (n): penis Fluthered (a): drunk Fly Cemetery (n): currant bun Flying low, you're (phr): your zip is undone FM (n): Fuckable Mother or MILF Follier-upper (n): a serial at the pictures (movies). Foostering (n): wasting time Foundered (a): freezing cold Frankie (n) : Co Down term for someone from Belfast, usually implying a broad accent and a certain lack of sophistication Fry (n): fried breakfast (typically sausage, bacon, eggs and pudding)Gaa, playing (v): gaelic football [from Gaelic Athletics Association] Gack (n): refers to a foolish or stupid person.

Can also be pronounced "gackawacka", or "gacky" (a).

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