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Kevin spacey helen hunt dating

Says an eyewitness: “It was a very intimate rendezvous.At one point, Kevin’s head was in the boy’s lap and later the young guy put his arms round Kevin and cuddled him ...What makes these photos unusual is that they’re impossible to find on the Internet.There is no trace of them or the accompanying story on spending an intimate Sunday afternoon with a good-looking, well-toned hunk half his age in a public park.One depicts “a tired Spacey rest[ing] his head in his buddy’s lap”:bragged to the Daily News: “Mr.Spacey will be pleased that we left out one or two images that were far more graphic.

He has played a variety of roles, including romantic roles.

I let them.”) and generally proclaiming his heterosexuality to anyone who’d listen.

Kevin Spacey is a man who has been known for amazing films.

He is known for bringing friends or even his mother as his date to awards shows.

Some people take this to mean that he is gay, though he has never confirmed this and there have never been any evidence to substantiate these claims.

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