Pardubice vitkovice online dating

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Pardubice vitkovice online dating

Michal Mine whose history goes back to 1843, is an extremely valuable authentic industrial site in terms of construction and technical equipment.the museum provides visitors with the chance to look over all of the above ground work areas that a miner would have to go through to get to his shift.The tour includes, the dressing rooms, washrooms, registry, dispatching, and most importantly, the machine room, with its original and unique equipment that had worked until 1993, when the mine was permanently closed.The scene, intentionally left intact, without any artificial arrangements being made, gives the impression as if work there has just ended.Both parts were largely settled by Germans in the course of the Ostsiedlung.Until the late 18th century, Moravská Ostrava was a small provincial town with a population around one thousand inhabitants engaged in handicraft.

The giant gas container for blast furnace gas (around 70 m wide and 33 m high) will be modified into a concert hall for 1,500 visitors, a gallery, café, etc., based on design by leading Czech architect, Josef Pleskot.

A thorough restructuring of industry is taking place – coal mining in the area of the city was stopped in 1994 and a large part of the Vítkovice ironworks near the city center was closed down in 1998.

Both actions improved the environment dramatically, although the Arcelor Mittal plant (ex-Nová Huť) continues to heavily pollute the Radvanice district and the surrounding area, resulting in one of the highest concentrations of PM10 dust in Europe.

Blast Furnace no 1 will become the start of a tour route, and the sixth energy central office will become an industrial museum (project authored by Václav and Helena Zemánkový).

The expected date for completion of reconstruction is set for 2013.

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However, during World War II, Ostrava – as an important source of steel for the arms industry – suffered several massive bombing campaigns that caused extensive damage to the city.