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Rich halls continental drifters online dating

The Exorcist meets the Palladium in this outrageous, riotous, rollicking show! Banana Crabtree Simon is a one man play written by renowned snooker commentator David Hendon, a finalist in the Kenneth Branagh Drama Writing Awards. Since discovering a collection of sheet music of composers banned by the Third Reich, including Erich Korngold, Kurt Weill and Ernst Krenek in a Melbourne book shop as a teenager in the 1940's, Humphries has been fascinated with the period's cultural experimentalism, defiance and unique mix of classical music and jazz.

This challenging piece explores one man's struggle with dementia and the way it effects those around him. On stage Barry Humphries narrates in his own inimitable style his very personal journey and obsession with the music of this artistically fertile and experimental period of history.

But in this earthly paradise nothing is quite what it seems: men do not always act like men, and women can be anything at all...

Uplifting, awe-inspiring and immense fun, Shakespeare's wondrous comedy is a joyous celebration of the liberating power of love and the redeeming spirit of nature. Assassins is a twisted celebration of America, "a land where any boy can grow up to kill a president".

One hundred years have passed since the Beast was born. We request to amuse your bouche with a palatable pantomime.

For too long has the castle been unattended, it's most enchanting residents clawing the walls for the spell to be broken.

Downstairs On a stormy night in 1954, a woman doomed to marry one of five men discovers the wildcard choice might just be the person she'd been hoping for all along.

Angels with Dirty Accents centres on the lives of angels; penniless, hopeless and sleeping rough in our city centres, ignored by passers-by... However, waiting is a hard game to play, especially when heaven tightens its immigration policy and the streets begin to offer so much temptation... Antony and Cleopatra tells of the overwhelming passions of two magnetic personalities who hold the destiny of a third of the world in their hands. Their love eventually triumphs with their noble deaths, but not before all else is lost. I in every home, people have become increasingly insular, depending on and trusting their obliging personal robots as much as any person. By day he sits alone in peoples homes prescribing the correct unit for each family.

They're beautiful, they're ugly and all deliciously bad! Last seen in London in July 2016 for a brief run at Cadogan Hall before performances at the Edinburgh International Festival, Weimar Cabaret is a celebration of Humphries' lifelong passion and fascination with the music of the Weimar Republic, the German state that existed in the inter-war period between Germany's defeat in World War I in 1918 and Hitler's rise to power in 1933.

Everyone wants to be a Queen and Cinderella isn't nice anymore. For when Eric eats a banana an amazing transformation occurs. This period of political, economic and social change gave rise to a cultural explosion of ideas across music, art, drama and literature with many Jewish artists central to this new artistic movement.

Compelling, innovative and yet disturbingly funny, this is one of the most controversial musicals ever written.

Nollywood meets Hyacinth Bouquet via the fictional pan-African nation of Kengeria.

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