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1)We incorporated in this section those cultual buildings where not only the Christian adepts but also the Pagans elected to worship their Gods, having religious purposes. As "Forum", there was not existing only the Roman Forum.In this way, which is the definition and the context of Temples or Sanctuaries or Parish churches in the first centuries of the common era? There were different Forums for commerical use: meat, slaves, fish, olive oil and herbs.NOTE - Erected to honour the daughter of a Roman consul at the end the I Cent. C., it is a circular mausoleum based on a square base, similar to that of Caesar Augustus in downtown.Its surrounding areas are some of the best existing in Rome, the Appian Way. made up of two levels above ground and a subterranean burial chamber. The best ones are the so called Valerii It is a completely-intact 1st century Roman columbarium, sited near the Porta Latina on the Via Appia on its way out of Rome.

Probably they were the temples of Spes (Hope), Juno Sospita (Juno the Saviour) and Janus.

Thus is explained the apparent contraddiction of worshiping the Solar God and the places of its rituality.

Being a pure neo-platonic philosophy, its focus was the journey of the soul through the cosmo, i.e.

Somewhat to his dismay, the pastor found a cross section of Roman history beneath his feet.......

continue.....of Rome regularly open to public or upon specific request.

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