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It reminds me of Sunny D but fancy--orangey sweet but there's something about it that makes it lean more mimosa. The perfect smell to start the day for a very active day.It's absolutely beautiful but becomes a very faint skin scent after 3-4 hours. I would love a little bottle to take with me in the afternoon.I must admit I only noticed the vegies that strongly when the fragrance was radiating off my skin in very hot weather. Not like the chemical nose-jarring blast you get from some perfumes that have grapefruit. It's not bitter/sour like a lot of citrus openings. I do definitely see the comparison to Bvlgari's Mon Jasmin Noir L'Eau Exquise; there is a definite tea scent (similar to the Bvlgari frag) about Un Jardin Sur Le Nil that my nose picks up. Nice for Spring or Summer or anytime you might want a fresh crisp citrus scent. Some people around say that smells like green tea, just like the grass just cut but more exquisite, with citrus and some flowers but very disecrete.But since that's exactly the kind of weather I'd be looking to wear a light citrus floral such as this, that's not much good for me. This is an amazing summer scent that unfortunately doesn't last long. It's more tangerine, mandarin, and orange than lime/lemon. At the same time, it smells very green, like freshly cut grass or grass after a heavy rainfall. As it dries down, I get a stronger fruity note, and it becomes too difficult to pick out exactly what it smells like. However, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a touch sharp to my nose, but only for about the first 20 minutes, but even then, is still lovely. I do not very well how to describe it, but definitively if you like fresh smells and a kind of discrete smells is perfect. Some advertisements say that is unisex, maybe is because they love it too.Online shops offers: Fragrance 5 items for 42.89 - 74.74 USDFragrance EUR 3 items for 48.56 - 69.48 2 items for 49.00 - 64.50 GBPFragrance 3 items for 56.60 - 80.99 USDStrawberry EUR 1 product for 105.00 EURView products...Un Jardin sur le Nil: composed in 2005, this is the second destination in this impressionistic travel journal.I'd say it's definitely unisex, which makes it less of a go to scent for me, but it's worth the experience. However, buyers BEWARE: if it's a limited edition or they decide to discontinue it, prices will skyrocket.I found it this past week online (authentic), for more than half the price.

I only get citrus and lotus, with maybe the slightest hint of carrot. Has that characteristic Jean-Claude Ellena transparency - seems to disappear but persists in a weirdly indefatigable way - but not as interesting in its composition as some of Ellena's other creations. I wore this one day at work and hugged a well established client who has access to my cell number and received this text " ... I've been smelling something incredible on my shirt all day. Whatever it is, I've been smiling all day..." I don't have a sophisticated nose. Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is definitely worthy of the praise that it gets. People who did not smelled before are curious about it. Expensive and original, but truly is a great investment for your originality and your pleasure.Verdict: not a masterpiece, but pleasing, and more useful than many masterpieces of modern perfumery. This reminds me so much of a water lily or lotus fragrance I’ve smelled before, but the memory is so faint that it seems to be from another lifetime; quite a dreamy moment for me.Im just being honest so I dont welcome negative comments. I hate the smell of the surroundings so much that I want to wear perfume to be differentz But this one smell just like a karaoke room. Also, I must say, I am SHOCKED this was created in 2005!This is a fragrance that (for me) it really depends on skin chemistry, it was a blind buy and on my skin first it was fresh for a few minutes but then it changed, a real stinker note came up, I had to scrub it of, and I forced it on my male partner that was a year ago. Do sample it, I am certain that once the sample is done you will want a whole bottle. It's so unique and beautiful and fresh and classy and NATURAL-smelling. I had just finished my 1 week visit and funeral in Manila.A few weeks back he used it and I liked the smell, so yesterday we did a test, we used it at the same time, Again n me after 2 minutes a real rotten stinker, n him a very good fres scent that stayed... It was an emotional time for me, because my 1st wife just died from cancer.

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It almost doesn't smell like perfume; that's how natural this smells. Reading the notes before writting, yes I guess that magician smell that takes you to another place is lotus.