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For many people, masturbation is often their first sexual experience.

So long as it does not hurt you or anyone else, and is done in private, masturbation is normal and healthy.

You may be sexually involved with someone out of curiosity, or because you think it will make you feel good, or bring you closer to the other person.

When you are physically sexually involved with someone, it is important that you talk to the other person about what you are doing together.

In this moment, all the tension and excitement that has built up is suddenly released.

Boys ejaculate when they have an orgasm and their penis then goes limp.

The person carrying the infection cannot always tell if they have got it.

Just because you want to have sex does not mean you can.

During heterosexual intercourse, a male’s erect penis goes inside a female’s vagina. For many people, making love can be enjoyable and fulfilling.

For some people, it may be the way they can most show their love for each other.

Sex may be enjoyable but there can be serious, life-altering consequences if you do not have safe sex.

You may wonder how you are going to know what to do, but don’t worry – you will work it out together, and improve with practice. It is possible to have strong feelings of love and affection for someone and not want to get sexually involved with them.

And the opposite is also true: it is possible to be physically involved with someone in a sexual way, without love being a part of it at all.

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Sexual involvement with someone else can change how you feel about them and about yourself.