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Be sure to check out some frequently asked questions about the cemetery as well as our guide to visiting ANC.

Wish someone will draw out the syncretistic link between Greek river Styx, the Hindu Baitarani and the Muslim river flowing in the grounds of Jannah.

Recently, petitions were made to include new religious symbols such as the pentagram for Wiccan beliefs and the Hammer of Thor for the Heathen religions.

There are at least five identified Wiccans buried in Arlington.

To keep with the aesthetic of overwhelming rows upon rows of white headstones, these replacement headstones are similar in appearance to the military headstones apart from the inscriptions. Pre World War I era headstones are inscribed differently.

For many years, Section 27 was an area that was somewhat segregated from the rest of the cemetery. The Civil War Union shield is available for those who served in the Civil War fighting the Union, or for those who served in the Spanish American War.

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The only other permitted graphic on a government issued headstone is the insignia of the Medal of Honor.

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